Benches, like so many other kinds of furniture, come in many different materials. This includes wood, metal and plastic – not to mention the classic concrete park bench. If you are thinking of buying a bench, you could potentially be looking at all of these materials (perhaps with the exception of concrete, but who knows) and be wondering what you should choose – and why. Read more on rattan sun lounger.

Let me get straight to the point and simply recommend you buy a wooden bench. Write that down. Alright, now let me explain why I have this opinion. Whether you are buying a bench for indoor use or garden use, wood is a great material. It is beautiful and durable, and easy to keep in good shape. Of course, outdoor use will always be more demanding on the woodwork, but there are several species of wood which are very well suited to take the abuse of all kinds of weather, specifically the various types of wood from the teak family. In fact, let me elaborate on that great wood: As you have probably seen in countless gardens, teak furniture has become extremely popular for use outdoors. This is because teak has a naturally high content of oils which help protect the wood. This does not mean you never have to care for it though. Teak should be oiled once or twice a year, or it will first become rather dull looking, and then will start to become vulnerable to moisture and insects. But this is still better than other wood species like pine, which needs a bit more attention to look like new. So as you can see, a teak bench would not be a bad choice for a quiet little spot in your garden. It would certainly make a nice place to enjoy the sunset with your loved ones I think.

A wooden garden bench does not have to be made of teak of course. Other hardwoods like oak can be great also, if you remember to give them proper care. Even softer woods like pine can work perfectly – although I would probably give my bench a good coat of paint, if it was made of pine. I can picture some very classic looking benches made of pine painted white.

For indoor use, there is absolutely no reason to use anything other than wood. There is no hostile environment to worry about, so a wood bench would not even have to be painted or oiled, although that would help protect it from the occasions drop of coffee or ketchup. Wood is beautiful, it is natural and there are so many designs of both traditional and contemporary slant, that there really is something for everyone.

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